tempedy is an innovative medical device which combines patient temperature management with fluid management.

Patient temperature management aims at modulating the present body temperature towards an intended target temperature (e.g. fever therapy towards normothermia), while fluid management aims at administering solutions to the patient.

As essentially all patients in intensive care settings will receive i.v. fluids anyway (e.g. 2-3 l/day), tempedy leverages on the cooling and warming capacity of tempered fluids. Combining this clinically proven method with body temperature feedback control and patient adaptive algorithms enables this device to effectively support clinical treatment regimes.

tempedy is:

  • patient adaptive
  • feedback controlled
  • effective
  • cost-efficient

Our clinical main focus areas are:

Neurology – primarily fever therapy and active controlled normothermia strategies for patients with severe brain injury, especially when pharmaceutical interventions are not effective

Cardiac Arrest – following the recent AHA and ERC guidelines, active temperature management is recommended targeting a temperature below normal body temperature

Sepsis – patients requiring complex fluid regimes parallel to antibiotic treatments and still performing an active body temperature control when necessary, e.g. avoiding body temperature exceeds a certain threshold throughout course of treatment

Peri-operative – avoiding unintended cooling down below normal body temperature throughout long surgical interventions, yet applying the fluids required and leveraging on the feedback control in order to perform liberal / restrictive fluids regimes

Fields of application

  • Severe cerebrovascular diseases
  • TTM after ROSC (Return of spontaneous circulation)
  • Long surgical interventions
  • Patients with disorders of body temperature regulation
  • Sepsis
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Oncological therapy
  • Hypovolaemia
  • Polytrauma

Technical features

  • Temperature range: 4°C to 42°C
  • Volume range: 10 ml/h to 15.000ml/h
  • Any standard body temperaure probe can be used
  • Connection to patient-data-systems
  • Intuitive software menu supports various treatment strategies and regimes
  • Efficient and simple to apply

Application areas

  • ICU
  • Stroke-unit & Neuro-ICU
  • Operating Theatre
  • General ward

Treatment Modes

  • Targeted temperature control
  • Volume control
  • Personalised interval options
  • Indication specific modes