seiratherm GmbH was founded in 2011 following previous years of clinical and scientific research.

As a company, we are a privately held company based in Germany and we strive for long-term success. We maintain a Quality Management System and our products are also cleared by U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The roots of our current products date back to a shared vision of Prof. Dr. Rainer Kollmar, Dr. Marc Baenkler and Dr. Matthias Roth.

Our vision is improving patient outcomes especially in critical care settings by providing a next generation solution for patient temperature management.

Our approach leverages on the fact, that all patients in intensive care settings will receive fluids anyway. The effectivity of tempered i.v. fluids has been studied in various clinical seetings (e.g. perioperative fluid warming, cold saline after ROSC for hypothermia induction, fever therapy with cold infusions etc.). Combining clinically established methods with innovative medical technology lead us to the concept of a next generation medical device.

Besides strictly focusing on evidence based therapies and having improved patient outcomes as our core guiding principle, we also strive to reduce overall cost in the healthcare system by offering a more cost effective system compared to competing modalities.

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